Wednesday, 15 January 2014


Applying to college? In high school and planning to go to college? Any kind of college thing ever?

Latin Student? Good.

Have I got something here for you.

It's a pain to sift through college website after college website trying to find information about degree programs, majors, scholarships, applications... Its rough. I know.

The OSCL decided to lend a friendly hand. We (with some help from a few invaluable sources) compiled a list of all the schools in Ohio that offer scholarships to their Latin, Greek, and classics students, as well as several outside organizations that offer classics scholarships. Most, if not all of these, are available to high school seniors entering college in the coming fall.

So why not take a chance? Follow your passion. You could get money for school for it. 

Here we go!

First of all, here is a link to the Ohio Classical Conference's list of colleges and universities in Ohio that have classics programs. (I owe a lot to the OCC for this blog post. The idea, as well as a few points in the right direction, came from their website. Round of applause for you, you wonderful classicists.)

The following are the scholarships offered by universities on that list. I've made it so you can click on the purplish words, and it'll take you to the applicable website. You're welcome.

In alphabetical order:

Bowling Green State University:

      Given to a junior or senior in the university (not necessarily a classics major!) who is knowledgable about and interested in classics.

Case Western Reserve University:
Three departmental awards: 
The Crawford Summer Scholarship to the American School of Classical Studies in Athens
The Abraham Lincoln Fuller Prizes for excellence in the study of Greek or Latin

The Emma Maud Perkins Prize for excellence in classical studies

CWRU also offers a group acting contest for high school students, for which there are prizes. 

University of Cincinnati:

Semple Scholarship
     A special program for classics students which pays most (if not all) of tuition. 

John Carroll University:

This is a 4 year, full tuition scholarship, for incoming freshman who have studied Latin and intend to major in Classical Languages. 

Miami University:
A number of departmental awards:

Bishop Prize in Latin, in honor of Robert H. Bishop II, by alumni

Bishop-Elliott Prize in Classical Humanities, in memory of Robert H. Bishop II, class of 1831, and Professor Charles Elliott

Elliott Prize in Greek, in memory of Professor Charles Elliott, by John B. Smith, class of 1858
Henry Montgomery Classics Scholarship
Henry Montgomery Travel Award
Marilyn Wade-Duff Scholarship

Miami is also home to the American Classical League offices, so thats pretty cool.

Oberlin College:

This prize is actually open to all undergrad and graduate students in North America, not just students at Oberlin. The $1,500 prize is for the best paper that explores 'any risky or marginal field of classical studies'. Cool.

Oberlin also runs a pretty cool classics tumblrand they took a bust of Homer around campus on a hilarious journey, which is definitely worth looking at.

Ohio State University: 
          This award is given to an undergraduate student studying Latin or Greek. 
A merit-based scholarship support to outstanding majors in Greek or Latin, with preference for students of Latin.
OSU also offers specific classics scholarships for study abroad, graduate students, and papers. Check those out here.
Wright State University:

Both scholarships are open to all classics majors. Amounts TBD, but it's usually between $500 and $1,000.

If I linked something wrong, gave bad information, forgot something, added something I shouldn't have, etc. PLEASE let me know. I want this to be accurate! Especially if I overlooked any colleges!

Onto outside scholarships! 
These are given out by different organizations that promote the classics. 

These two are more Ohio centered:

         -This $1500 scholarship is awarded to a student actively taking steps to a career in teaching Latin. The student must be either a graduate of an Ohio high school, or attending an Ohio college.

  -This $1,500 scholarship is given to an Ohio high school senior who plans to study Latin or Greek. The award will be continued through 3 years if the requirements are continuously fulfilled.

Have I mentioned that I love the OCC? Because I do. 

The National Junior Classical League offers 11 scholarships that can be used at any university. Awesome.

They are as follows: 

Belle Gould NJCL Scholarship: $1,500
Jessie Chambers NJCL Scholarship:$1,500
Rhea Miller NJCL Scholarship:$1,500
Red & Rhea Miller NJCL Scholarship:$1,500
Sr. Jeanette Plante Scholarship:$1,500
Renata Motiu Scholarship:$1,200
Margaret & Eugene Halligan NJCL Scholarship:$1,500
Maureen O'Donnell NJCL Scholarship:$1,500
Susan and Dennis Webb Scholarship:$2,500
Chester Tylinski Scholarship:$1,250
Doris L. Kays Scholarship:$1,500

and are all based on financial need, JCL service at local, state, and national levels, academic record, recommendations from teachers, principals, counselors, and other adults, and special consideration is given to those applicants who intend to teach Latin, Greek, or the Classical Humanities.
(The link for all of them is the same, so I'll just link to it here.)


The National Latin Exam offers prizes to exemplary students. 

The Medusa Exam tests students on their knowledge of mythology, and offers several prizes

Not going to school in Ohio? The fantastic people at the OCC have done yet another awesome thing. There is a list on their web page of colleges across the U.S. that offer classics scholarships, or have exceptional departments. Definitely worth a look. 

So there we have it. A guide to the classics scholarships available in the great state of Ohio. Don't say I never did nothing for you. 

*Again, PLEASE let me know if you find any kind of errors, including omissions, or other sources of scholarships.*

Acknowledgments to the OCC, Larry Dean, Bob White, Stergios Lazos, and the rest of the OSCL board for their help on this.  


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